PPO Raman

785_-_2+(1)P&P Optica brings high-performance Raman spectroscopy to the field with its uniquely designed PPO 785 and PPO 532 Raman spectrometers.  Designed to deliver high performance spectral images with the lowest possible optical aberrations, P&P Optica’s patented, non-scanning Raman Gel Grating-based spectrometers provide exceptionally high throughput with low noise.  Coupled with an optional, innovative optical probes with top based Raman and cut-off filters for non-contact sampling, PPO Raman systems deliver unmatched performance for applications in quality control, pharmaceuticals, forensics, polymers, and hazardous material identification.

The PPO Raman Spectrometer combines the best transmission gratings available in the market with a patented optical design to offer you one of the highest performance Raman spectrometers today.


Key advantages:

  • Combined power of high efficiency transmission technology and the use of large detector array for ultra-high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)
  • Non-scanning system enables low-light, time dependent measurements
  • Modular design for multiple different Raman applications (microscopy, imagingmultichannel Raman)
  • Equivalent performance with less expensive cameras


Volume phase holographic transmission grating technology maximizes the number of

photons reaching the detector and dramatically reduces “noisy photons” which contribute to masking weak Raman signals. P&P Optica’s proprietary transmission grating fabrication process produces the best transmission gratings on the market today.  For more information about PPO’s unparalleled gel grating technology, please visit http://www.ppo.ca/technologymenu/gel-grating.



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