Raman Accessories



ProSpect Scientific provides Newport optical tables

Newport offers a wide variety of Optical Tables including the broadband RPR Series Optical Tables , the  tuned damped RS Series Optical Tables , and the actively damped SmartTable Optical Tables with IQ Damping Technology . Newport optical table solutions are designed to fit any performance, budget and delivery need. From very demanding applications like confocal microscopy, spectroscopy or interferometry, to applications under a small budget, Newport has the right optical table for them all.

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ProSpect Scientific supplies Modu-Laser products

Modu-Laser offers a wide variety of argon laser products.  They understand the need for a specific laser depending on your project and they take pride in our supply of argon lasers, ion lasers and more.  Modu-Laser can also provide custom laser solutions to meet your specific needs.

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ProSpect Scientific supplies Innovative Photonic Solutions Lasers

IPS supplies over 70% of all Raman spectroscopy system integrators with their diode based Raman excitation sources, and is the “Gold Standard” for high performance wavelength stabilized lasers.

Some of the standard wavelengths used for Spectroscopy include 532nm, 633 nm, 638 nm, 647 nm, 780nm, 785nm, 808nm, 830nm, and 1064 nm with powers ranging from 30 mW to as much as 6W.

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