Dr. Kelly Akers

Dr. Kelly Akers founded ProSpect Scientific in 1996 to equip university research labs with a new generation of Raman spectroscopy solutions.  Dr. Akers continues to be the face of the company today, as ProSpect Scientific has grown to embrace consultative supply relationships with a large number of  universities, law enforcement organizations, chemical companies and technology companies.

Dr. Akers completed her Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry at the University of Toronto, following graduate studies at the University of Windsor.  Raman spectroscopy was a primary tool in her doctoral research.  Dr. Akers is well known in the Raman spectroscopy field and has published in many refereed journals including “Science” and the “Journal of Physical Chemistry“.  She expanded her knowledge of industrial applications of Raman spectroscopy in her post-doctoral work in Devon, Alberta at the CANMET Laboratory (Natural Resources Canada).

Bill Hall

Bill Hall leads marketing and business development at ProSpect Scientific.

Prior to joining ProSpect Scientific, Bill developed and managed a solar energy distribution business.  Bill was at Nortel Networks between 1985 and 2008. Throughout the years at Nortel, Bill led vertical business development, finance marketing, customer excellence programs, large account sales and IT teams.  Highlights include the introduction of innovative electronic banking services in cooperation with CIBC and service as Canada’s representative to INTUG (CCITT observer) for a number of years.

Earlier in his career, Bill was a founder and managing principal of Vocatel Inc. which offered the first voice mail services in Canada in the early ‘80’s.  Bill began his career at Shell Canada with 9 years in their IT department, leading their Data Communications organization when he departed.

Bill graduated from the Aerospace Engineering (BASc) program at University of Toronto in 1975.