Linkam’s growth and global success has outpaced the available space in their 6 building complex in Tadworth. Linkam will be moving to a new, large single facility in Redhill.

Linkam’s upcoming events:

(email us for details or attendance)

Toronto Workshop: 25 October, University of Toronto
Montreal Workshop: 27 October, McGill University

Linkam New Products:

WCP: Linkam has just released their own water circulation pump for temperature control devices. The WCP Water Circulation Pump is designed to provide optimised water cooling to Linkam’s range of temperature and environmental control stages.

When used with a Linkam Peltier stage the system will be able to hold sample temperatures as low as -30°C, and cool high temperature stages running above 300°C.
The WCP has a compact footprint allowing it to be placed neatly alongside Linkam controllers. Where bench space is a premium, the unit can be positioned underneath the work surface or up to 3 metres away from the stage.

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